what can i make out of a coffee table

Uses for an Old Coffee Table

When it is time to replace a coffee table in your home, don’t feel like you have to throw it away! Instead, consider some crafty ways you can upcycle an old coffee table into something new. With a bit of creativity and some of these ideas, you can make beautiful items from a table past its prime.

A Garden Bench

If you have a larger garden or yard space, consider turning your old coffee table into a garden bench. You can paint it with a weather-resistant material and then use cushions for comfortable seating.

Over-The-Toilet Storage

Most coffee tables are the perfect height for use as over-the-toilet storage. All you need is a bit of paint and some creative shelves to turn your table into a handy storage solution.

Tuck Away Tables

If you want to replace your coffee table with something different, why not make your old one into a great tuck away table? All you’ll need to do is add some drawers to your coffee table, paint it, and you have a great new way to store magazines and other items away.

Kids Craft Table

Do you have children that love to craft? Transform your old coffee table into a kids craft table by adding some easy to clean materials to the top surface, a fun chalkboard or dry erase material, and some storage space underneath for all of your kids’ craft supplies.

Outdoor Bar

If you have an outdoor space that needs a refresh, you can turn your old coffee table into a stylish outdoor bar. All you need to do is find some weather-resistant materials, add some shelves and space to store barware, and you’re all set!

Game Table

If you are a fun of board games, then why not make your old coffee table into a game table? You can add some drawers to store extra game pieces, a top that is easy to wipe clean, and a side table that folds down for easy storage. It’s the perfect way to get your family playing your favorite games together.


With a bit of creativity and some of these ideas, you can turn an old coffee table into something new. You can make:

  • A Garden bench
  • Over-the-toilet storage
  • Tuck away table
  • Kids craft table
  • Outdoor bar
  • Game Table

With these ideas and a few supplies, you can easily give a new life to an old coffee table.

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