what can i do with my old coffee table

5 Creative DIY Ideas to Reuse Your Old Coffee Table

Ready to give your old coffee table a makeover? Reuse these unique and creative ways to turn an ordinary piece to something special.

1. Upcycle Into a Reading Nook

Transform an out of date coffee table into a cozy and rustic bench seating. To do this, remove the existing glass top and get creative. Self-upholster with a fun pattern of fabric and attach a wooden bench seat. Add cushions, blankets and pillows for a reading corner or lounge area.

2. Repurpose Into a Pet House or Bed

For pet owners, here’s a creative way to repurpose an old coffee table.Simply remove the glass top, repaint the table, and voila! You now have a perfectly sized place for your four-legged friends to relax or take a nap.

3. DIY a Bar Cart

Why not use an old coffee table to make a stylish bar cart filled with seltzers, wines, and cocktail mixers? Remove the glass top, replace with a board and add caster wheels with locking brakes. Give it a coat of paint, add some glassware and mixers and you have the perfect addition to your home.

4. Rearrange As a Desk

Adding a few drawer units and a piece of marble or glass countertop will easily upgrade an old coffee table into a luxurious desk. Get inspired by adding drawer units and hardware knobs to create a timeless and chic workspace.

5. Create a Modular Bookcase

Spruce up your old coffee table by transforming it into an interesting modular bookcase. All you need are some wood planks, hinges and screws. Attach these to the sides of the table and get creative with how you arrange each shelf.

Ready for a makeover? Now you can easily reuse your old coffee table into something new and special. Give any of these creative DIY ideas a try to bring a fresh look to your household.

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