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Coffee Table Books: A Guide to Building the Perfect Collection

Your coffee table often serves as the centerpiece of your living room, so its the perfect place to highlight the books you love. Here’s a guide to help you set up the perfect coffee table collection.

1. Choose a Theme

A good way to start is by picking out a theme that reflects your tastes and interests. This could include a specific era, subject, or style like art, photography, fashion, nature, or travel. If you don’t have a distinct preference, create visual contrast by mixing different types of books with unique covers, patterns, and sizes.

2. Consider the Look

Your coffee table book collection should match the look of your living room decor. If your space has a traditional vibe, opt for leather-bound books with gilded detailing. If your home has a modern feel, pick a selection of minimalistic, white or monochrome hardbacks.

3. Pick a Variety of Books

Your collection should include an array of books–from hardcovers to paperbacks, vintage to modern–to create visual contrast. This will also spark conversation, as you can offer guests different titles to browse through. Here are some ideas to get you started:

• Classic Novels: Whether you’re a literature enthusiast or just like a good story, a few timeless novels should be included in your collection.

• Art and Photography Books: Showcase a range of art and photography books featuring the works of famous artists and photographers.

• Coffee Table Books: For topics ranging from fashion to food and everything in between, there’s a coffee table book for almost any topic.

• Brand Books: Whether it’s a classic Chanel retrospective or a new Gucci collection, own and share your favorite brands with visitors.

• Biographies and Memoirs: From autobiographies of famous icons to personal stories of everyday people, a biography or memoir can add interesting insight to your collection.

Just remember to keep a neat and balanced look, or the space will quickly become crowded.

4. Display Strategically

Your books may be your centerpiece, but they shouldn’t be the only thing on your coffee table. Place decorative objects like candles, vases, and sculptures strategically around your books to provide balance and drama. You can also stack books on their sides to add extra texture and height to your collection.

5. Change It Up

Don’t feel like all your titles have to stay the same. Refresh your collection often to keep the space visually interesting. This is a great opportunity to check out new titles, swap books with friends, or give yourself an excuse to buy that new coffee table book you’ve been eyeing.

With a bit of thought and creativity, you can easily create the perfect coffee table book collection of your own. Show off your favorite books and style your living room in one fell swoop.

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