what baskets or totes can fit lack coffee table

What Baskets Or Totes Can Fit Lack Coffee Table

Are you looking for baskets or totes to fit a Lack coffee table? Today we will talk about baskets or totes that can fit nicely on, and underneath the Lack coffee table.

Baskets That Can Fit On Your Lack Coffee Table

A great way to spruce up your Lack coffee table is with a basket or two! Whether wicker or seagrass, here are some suggestions of baskets that can fit on the table:

  • Round Basket: If you have a small Lack table, any size basket can work. Look for shallow, round baskets that will fit comfortably on the tabletop.
  • Pedestal Basket: Or for a larger Lack table, try opting for a pedestal basket. Elevation looks nice, and these are also great for storage, too.
  • Square Basket: Another great and simple option is a perfectly square shallow basket. Available in multiple sizes and colors, these can make a minimalist statement.

Totes and Bins To Hide Under the Table

Unfortunately, Lack tables are very low to the ground. This can make a traditional basket a bit tricky. But just because something isn’t visible, doesn’t mean it won’t be functional. Let’s take a look at some tote and bin options that can fit underneath the Lack coffee table:

  • Large Bins: Large square bins are great. Look for tall and shallow bins that will fit length-wise underneath the table.
  • Decorative Totes: There are also plenty of options in smaller sizes, too. Look for square, patterned storage totes that can fit easily underneath the table.
  • Labeled Containers: If you’re looking for something super functional, try opting for a labeled container. These are great for tackling any home organization needs.

Whatever you choose, baskets and totes can be a fun way to spruce up your Lack coffee table. Whatever your style and needs, we hope this article helped you choose the perfect basket or tote for your Lack today!

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