what are dimensions for a coffee table

Dimensions of a Coffee Table

A coffee table is arguably one of the most important furnishing pieces in any living space; a centrepiece to gather around, and an expression of your taste and style. Understanding the right size and dimensions for a coffee table can drastically improve the look and feel of a room.

Standard Coffee Table Dimensions

The most common standard dimension of a coffee table is 48 inches long and 24 inches deep. This is considered a standard size as it will easily fit two to four chairs. But it’s important to make sure the size of the table won’t overpower the room, or be too small to serve its purpose.

Before heading out to shop for a coffee table, it’s important to take into account the size of your current living space, as well as its shape. Here are some other important factors to consider when shopping for a coffee table:

Additional Factors To Consider

  • Height: The height of a coffee table should be roughly the same or lower than the seat of the sofa.The standard height of a coffee table is 16-18 inches.
  • Shape: Rectangular tables are the most common and work best in many spaces. If you have a smaller room, try a round or square coffee table.
  • Room size: Take accurate measurements of your room and try to plan where the table should go along with other furniture.


By considering the size of your living space, as well as the factors outlined in this article, you can determine the best coffee table for your room. Before making a purchase, and sure to take measurements and visualise how the table will fit into your space.

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