what are dimensions for a coffee table

Dimensions For a Coffee Table

A coffee table is an essential piece of furniture in any living room. Choosing the right dimensions of a coffee table is important to fit your needs and the space you have available in the room. Here is what you need to know about the dimensions of a coffee table.


When considering what dimensions your coffee table should be, you have to take into account:

  • Wall space: Measure the area you want to place your coffee table against. Be sure to take into consideration the size of any furniture around it.
  • Seating: Consider how large your seating is and make sure you get a table that is big enough to fit it, keeping a little bit of space around it to ensure it’s comfortable.
  • Space: Make sure the table fits the room without overwhelming it.

Typical Dimensions

Typically, coffee tables should have a height of 18–21 inches (46–53 cm). The width and length can range between 40-60 inches (101-152 cm). Most common lengths for square and rectangular tables are between 36-48 inches (91-122 cm).

Adjustable Tables

If the dimensions of your room require a non-standard table size, you can opt for adjustable tables. These tables can become longer or shorter and you can adjust them to fit any space.


In conclusion, choosing the right dimensions for your coffee table is essential to make sure it fits in the space and complements the room. Make sure to consider the size of the wall, the seating you have, and adjust the size accordingly.

The standard dimensions of coffee tables are 18–21 inches (46–53 cm) in height, 40-60 inches (101-152 cm) in width and length, and between 36-48 inches (91-122 cm) for square and rectangular tables. There are also adjustable tables, for those spaces where standard dimensions do not fit.

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