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What are coffee table books?

Coffee table books are oversized books, typically of artistic or tasteful value, that are placed on coffee tables for two reasons. Firstly, coffee table books are selected to provide a decorative item on the coffee table that compliments the home decor and generally fits a watery theme. Secondly, coffee table books are chosen as a form of entertainment for guests, which can provide a conversation starter or add a voluptuous vibrance to the room depending on the subject.

Benefits of coffee table books

  • Aesthetically pleasing: Coffee table books are usually quite aesthetically pleasing, finding the right balance between an interesting story and eye-catching imagery.
  • Variety of subjects: Coffee table books can depict anything from travel stories to biographies to art and photography.
  • High quality construction: Coffee table books are usually densely printed, with high-quality paper stock, vivid colors, and intricate binding.
  • Enhance living areas: Coffee table books instantly add character to dessert tables, living areas and other home furnishing.

Finding the right coffee table book

Typically, the subject of the coffee table book will depend on the type of the home or the personality of the homeowner. Coffee table books can be purchased from almost any bookstore, online or local, as well as from specialist booksellers. Furthermore, some of the most well-known fashion houses now offer collections of coffee table books to coordinate with their clothing lines.

Coffee table books are an ideal way to add style, color and personality to a living space, and make great gifts for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a source of entertainment for your guests, the perfect accent piece for your home decor, or simply a great book to add to your own collection, a well-chosen coffee table book is sure to be a hit.

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