should my coffee table and sofa be same height

Should Your Coffee Table and Sofa be the Same Height?

Coffee tables are often underestimated pieces of furniture, yet they can play a crucial role in your interior design. When selecting a coffee table, many homeowners ask themselves whether it should be the same height as the sofa and if it should match the décor of the room. In the following article, we explore the pros and cons of this decision and give advice on whether your coffee table and sofa should be the same height.

Pros of Matching Your Sofa and Coffee Table Height

  • Uniformity: Having coffee table and sofa at the same height creates a sense of uniformity and balance to the room. The furniture pieces will ‘flow’ better and complete the overall décor of the space.
  • Functional: Matching the height of both pieces provides an added level of convenience for you and your guests. It will be easier to use the coffee table to set down cups or snacks and you will also be able to place your feet up on the table comfortably.
  • Efficient: When furniture pieces are of the same height, it can help to maximize the space by creating a cleaner and open look.

Cons of Matching Your Sofa and Coffee Table Height

  • Design Focal Point: By matching the heights of your sofa and coffee table, you may miss out on the chance to create a décor focal point in the room. Having furniture pieces at different heights can add a sense of movement and interest to a room.
  • Not All Styles Fit: Although this rule of thumb can work well with traditional style sofas and tables, it may not fit with more modern or eclectic styles. Depending on your décor elements, having a mismatched table can help to add character and a touch of uniqueness to a room.
  • Safety: In certain instances, having a coffee table that is too-high or too-low can lead to safety issues. If the table is too low, for example, it could be difficult for people to lean over without hurting their backs.


The decision of whether to have your coffee table and sofa at the same height or not is ultimately a personal choice. Both options can work depending on your interior design and functionality needs. Consider the pros and cons we have discussed and decide what works best for your space.

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