should my coffee table and sofa be same height

Are Coffee Tables and Sofas Supposed to be the Same Height?

When it comes to interior design and creating a comfortable space, choosing the right heights for pieces of furniture can be a conundrum. Many people are unaware of whether their coffee tables and sofas should be the same height and struggle to find answers.

What Does Interior Design Suggest?

Interior design theory suggests that there is flexibility in the matching of heights between furniture pieces like coffee tables and sofas. It is ok to mix and match heights to create visual interest and create an eclectic décor.

For those who wish to follow basic guidelines, the table and sofa should have a similar level of height when the design of the space warrants it. Many people enjoy a uniform look, but remember, there is not an absolute right or wrong way to do it.

Advantages of Matching Heights

Aesthetically speaking, matching heights offers a uniform, consistent visual. It also allows additional pieces, such as frames and lamps, to flow and fit seamlessly.

Practical Considerations

When it comes to practical considerations, people should consider how their space is going to be used. If the sofa and coffee table are the same height, there is plenty of space for family, friends or pets to walk around freely. Likewise, if the coffee table is lower, it can provide easy access for kids and guests to be able to place their feet on the table.

Summing It Up

Ultimately, interior design is about finding the equilibrium between aesthetics and practicality. Whether you decide to have match heights between coffee tables and sofas or not is up to you. Here are some tips for making the decision:

  • Aesthetic Considerations: Opt for uniform heights if you want to create a consistent, polished look.
  • Visual Interest: Mix and match heights to create visual interest and eclectic décor.
  • Practical Considerations: Consider how your space is going to be used when deciding on matching or non-matching heights.

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