should my coffee table and sofa be same height

Should My Coffee Table and Sofa Be the Same Height

Selecting the right sizes and shapes when furnishing a living room can be a challenge. Choosing whether the coffee table and sofa should be the same height is an important decision that helps define the space and create an inviting, balanced atmosphere.

Reasons Matching Heights Can Make a Room Look Balanced & Harmonious

  • Unifies the Space – Matching the sofa and coffee table heights can provide a sense of unity and balance to the room.
  • Makes the Room Appear Larger – Selecting furniture of somewhat similar heights adds an airy feel to a room, making it appear larger.
  • Gives a Room Visual Impact – Aligned heights help ensure the room has plenty of visual impact and allows people to easily transition their gaze between the furniture pieces.

Reasons for Allowing for Height Variation

There are a few reasons allowing for height variation between your furniture pieces may be a better fit for your living room.

  • Provides Lots of Seating Options – High sofa styles are in vogue, allowing for a mixture of low and high seating levels.
  • Gives the Room Character – Allowing for varied heights in furniture pieces can provide the look of a stylish and eclectic style.
  • Fixtures Incorporate Different Heights – Compare the heights of the sofa and coffee table to other portions of the living space such as the mantel or other furniture pieces.

In the end, when deciding on the best heightsfor your coffee table and sofa, look at the rest of the room and visualize the space with different heights. Take into consideration the proportions, scale, and overall vibe of the living room when making your decision. This can help ensure you find the perfect balance that gives the room a harmonized, unified feel.

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