should i use spray poly on stained wood coffee table

Spraying Poly on your Stained Wood Coffee Table

A stained wood coffee table can be a great addition to your home or business, providing a stylish and sophisticated look. However, over time furniture can become dull and loses its shine, leaving you wondering what the best protection option is for your table.

One popular thing to do is to apply a spray polyurethane. This is a type of plastic-like coating that will provide a clear protective layer over the wood, helping to ensure your table stays looking as beautiful as ever.

Pros of Spraying Poly on your Table

  • Protection: Applying a poly to your table will help to protect it from wear and tear, such as scratches, scuffs, and water damage.
  • Visual Enhancement: The poly can also help to bring out the colors and details of the wood, resulting in a sharper, more vibrant look.
  • Durability: Poly is extremely durable and resilient, making it a great choice for long-term protection.

Cons of Spraying Poly on your Table

  • Time investment: Applying a poly to your table will require some significant time commitment as you need to make sure the surface is clean and free of any dust particles before you start. You also need to make sure that the spray is applied in an even manner, which can be difficult.
  • Cost: Poly is not an inexpensive option, so you may want to consider other options if you’re on a tight budget.
  • Maintenance: To keep your table looking its best, you will have to periodically apply additional coats of poly. This can be a time-consuming process.

If you decide that spraying poly is the best option for your stained wood coffee table, make sure to do your research and find the right product for the job. It’s also important to make sure that you wear the appropriate safety gear when dealing with this type of product, as it can be hazardous to your health.

Overall, using spray poly can be an effective way to protect and enhance the look of your stained wood coffee table. Just make sure to understand both the pros and cons before making your decision.

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