should i stain the bottom of my coffee table

Should I Stain The Bottom Of My Coffee Table?

Staining the bottom of your coffee table can be a great way to give it a more polished look. It can also help protect the table against damage from moisture. But is it worth it? Here are some things to consider before deciding whether or not to stain the bottom of your coffee table:


Staining the bottom of your coffee table will require additional supplies and effort. You will need to purchase or rent a sander, stain, and finish. Depending on the quality of the materials you purchase, the cost can range from a few dollars to a hundred or more. Additionally, staining can take a lot of time, even for experienced DIYers.

Time and Patience

It can take several hours to properly sand and stain a coffee table. It also requires a steady hand and patience. If you are not a person who is willing to put the effort in, it might be better to hire a professional to do the job.


Staining requires you to work with chemicals and sharp tools. Make sure you always wear protective gear and read the labels on the products you are using. Additionally, it is important to keep children and pets away from the area while working.


There are several benefits to staining the bottom of your coffee table:

  • Aesthetic Appeal – Staining the bottom of your coffee table can give it a finished, polished look that makes it look more expensive.
  • Added Protection – Staining can help protect your table from moisture damage.
  • Increased Value – If you are looking to resell or donate your table in the future, a stained bottom can add value.

Ultimately, the decision to stain the bottom of your coffee table is up to you. Weigh the costs and benefits before deciding if it is worth it for you.

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