should i remove the dust jacket of coffee table books

Should I Remove the Dust Jacket of Coffee Table Books?

When purchasing a coffee table book, have you ever thought about whether you should remove the dust jacket before displaying it?It is understandable to want to show off the cover, but keeping the dust jacket on may serve a different purpose, and if treated properly, remain in good condition.

Benefits of Keeping the Dust Jacket

When it comes to coffee table books, there are many advantages that come with keeping the dust jacket intact. These advantages include:

  • Protection – The dust jacket offers protection from dirt, dust, and other harmful elements that tend to cause damage. The edges of the spine and corners are especially vulnerable to dust and water, but the dust jacket may act as a barrier from such things.
  • Preservation – Keeping the dust jacket on also helps to preserve the book. Coffee table books are designed to last for years and even decades. The dust jacket can help ensure that the book is kept in mint condition.
  • Aesthetics – The dust jacket of a coffee table book is often an extension of the cover and serves to tie the design together. Keeping it on can add a sense of beauty to the overall appearance of the book.

Drawbacks of Keeping the Dust Jacket

Although there are many advantages to keeping the dust jacket on a coffee table book, there are also some drawbacks to doing so. These drawbacks include:

  • Accessibility – Once the dust jacket is placed on top of the book, it can be difficult to access the pages without removing it. Depending on the design of the dust jacket, it may be necessary to take it off in order to view the content.
  • Durability – As the dust jacket serves as a protective layer, it may also be prone to tear easily if it is handled too much. Unfortunately, this may be unavoidable if you want to access the contents of the book.


At the end of the day, it is completely up to you whether or not to remove the dust jacket of a coffee table book. Weighing the pros and cons of each option can help you decide which is best for you. Ultimately, the dust jacket can provide protection and enhance the book’s aesthetics, so it is worth considering if you have the need to access the contents of the book.

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