should i get a round coffee table

Should I Get a Round Coffee Table?

If it’s time to furnish your home with a new coffee table, you may want to consider a round table. Round coffee tables come with unique benefits when compared to traditional square and rectangular options. Here’s what you should know about getting a round coffee table.

Advantages of Round

  • Versatile- Round coffee tables can easily fit into any room, regardless of the shape of the space. They are especially ideal for smaller rooms since they make the best use of the limited space by creating a cozy atmosphere.
  • Social- Round tables also have a reputation for being better for socializing since it is easier for everyone to get a clear view when sitting around the table.
  • Accessible- It is easier to get to smaller items placed on a round table than a large square or rectangular table. This is beneficial if you want to quickly locate items like the TV remote on your coffee table.

Drawbacks of Round

Despite the advantages listed above, there are some drawbacks to round coffee tables.

  • Limited Space- Round coffee tables do not come with as much space to place items or for extra seating. If you have a lot of people visiting, you may need to get additional furniture for your living room.
  • Expensive- Round coffee tables can be more expensive than rectangular and square ones. This is because the materials used to craft a round table have to be carefully cut to maintain its original shape.


A round coffee table has many benefits but may be a bit of an investment. Whether a round table is the right choice for you or not depends on the size of your space and how you plan on using your coffee table. Consider carefully and make the best decision for your home.

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