should i get a glass coffee table

Should I Get a Glass Coffee Table?

Glass coffee tables have both practical and aesthetic applications. Although they look fragile, many glass coffee tables are tempered and are very sturdy. If you’re trying to decide between a glass coffee table and another material, consider the following points.


Glass coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes. Consider the size of the area where the table will be used. Measure other furniture pieces that will be around the table. Alternatively, tables come with leg options that can help you find one that fits perfectly into your living space.


Glass coffee tables come in many different colors and styles. Choose one that fits with the room décor and make the overall look the best it can be. You can also find glass coffee tables with etched patterns, or with a colored or frosted bottom shelf.


Tempered glass coffee tables are sturdy, but as with any piece of furniture, avoid hitting or putting any sharp objects on the glass surface. Even if properly tempered, a glass table can crack or shatter, so exercise caution.


A glass coffee table is incredibly easy to clean. Just use a soft cloth with a glass cleaner to wipe away dust, dirt, and fingerprints.

The Verdict

If you’re looking to add a unique element to any room in your house, a glass coffee table is a great option. They are available in many sizes and styles, are easy to clean, and can add a modern look to any living room or sitting area.

Reasons to Buy a Glass Coffee Table:

  • Available in many different sizes and styles
  • Easy to clean using glass cleaner and a soft cloth
  • Modern look to any living room or sitting area

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