should couch coffee table and tv stand match

Couch, Coffee Table and TV Stand Matching

Many people ask themselves the question of how the furniture pieces should match. Should the couch, coffee table and TV stand all match in style, or should they come in different designs? The answer depends on your own personal style preference.

For The Coordinated Look

Matching the pieces in your living room can offer visual interest and also create a polished, coordinated look. If you opt for this route, you have a few options:

  • Choose all three pieces in the same style.
  • Choose all three pieces in a single color palette.
  • Choose the couch and coffee table in the same style and color, and the TV stand in either the same style or a different style (but still within the same color palette).

Mixed Material Combinations

If you prefer a mixed look, it’s important to be thoughtful. Select pieces that share a similar visual density, such as pieces that are all made of wood or all of metal. You can also mix metals, woods, and other materials as long as the pieces are similar in terms of size, shape, and/or texture.

Stick To Your Style

In the end, it all comes down to what you like. If you prefer the coordinated look, that’s great. If you like the look of mixing materials, go for it. The most important rule is to always stick to the style you are drawn to, and then build your room from there.

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