should coffee table match tv stand

Does Your Coffee Table Have to Match Your TV Stand?

When it comes to home decor, there’s a lot of debate over the necessity of having matching furniture pieces. The same debate can be made for coffee tables and TV stands. Does your coffee table have to match your TV stand?

The Short Answer

No, your coffee table does not have to match your TV stand. It’s possible to design a space where the colors, finishes, and shapes of the two furniture pieces are complementary, rather than a perfect match.

The Long Answer

When striving for a cohesive design, matching pieces of furniture can help you achieve that goal. But it isn’t a requirement. As long as the colors and styles work together, your coffee table and TV stand can be different. That said, here are some tips to consider when it comes to pairing a coffee table and TV stand:

  • Choose color schemes that match: When the colors of the coffee table and the TV stand match, they will appear to be a more unified piece of furniture. This is helpful if you want a particular color to be the main focus of your room.
  • Mix and match colors and textures: If you are trying to create an eclectic or modern look, then pairing different colors or textures of coffee tables and TV stands can be an easier way to achieve that. You can mix colors, finishes, and textures to create a unique and stylish space.
  • Balance the shapes: If you are opting for different shapes for the coffee table and TV stand, make sure they balance each other out. So if the TV stand is a square, then the coffee table should be rounded. This can help to create a more harmonious look.

Ultimately, the decision of whether your coffee table and TV stand should match is up to you. As long as you consider the colors, textures, and shapes of the two pieces of furniture, it’s possible to create a stylish and cohesive look with mismatched pieces.

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