should coffee table match side tables

Should Coffee Table Match Side Tables?

Coffee tables, side tables, and end tables are a timeless and essential part of any living room collection. They provide balance, structure, and surface area to serve drinks, host décor and display photos and books. Coffee table sets and living room collections often have matching side and end tables – but should they always match?

The Pros of Matching Tables

There are some major benefits of matching tables. These include:

  • A cohesive look: Matching tables can be a great way to create a sense of cohesion in a space. When your pieces match, it emphasizes the flow of your room and helps tie together the other decorative items.
  • Consistent style: Matching tables will lend a consistent style to the room without taking away from the décor or other pieces of furniture.
  • Ease of shopping: Buying a set of tables in one go can make shopping a lot easier – you won’t need to shop around for coordinating pieces.

The Cons of Matching Tables

Not matching your tables does have its own advantages. These include:

  • More creative freedom: Having one matching set of tables would leave you with a limited selection of styles. By choosing your own side and end tables, you can mix and match pieces that you like and create a unique look that would be harder to achieve with matching pieces.
  • The opportunity to explore different styles and shapes: By picking out each table separately, you can see the potential of different shapes, sizes and materials working together, creating a unique and interesting look.
  • Individual flair: When your tables don’t necessarily match, they will bring out your individual style. What better way to express your creativity than through furniture and décor?

Final Word

Ultimately, whether your coffee table and side tables match or not is up to you. Matching tables can often be a great way to create a cohesive, consistent look – but only if it suits your style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your tables and experiment with different styles and shapes. As always, the most important thing is to choose the pieces that make you happy!

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