should coffee table match end tables

Should Coffee Tables Match End Tables?

When decorating a living room or family room, it is important to consider whether the coffee table should match the end tables. The style and size of the room, as well as your design preferences, will ultimately help determine whether to choose matching sets or mismatched pieces.

Pros of Matching Coffee and End Tables

When a room is outfitted with matching tables, the overall effect will look uniform and coordinated. Matching pieces can create a cohesion that is similar to a professional interior designer selecting furniture for a space. Here are some more benefits of choosing matching end and coffee tables:

  • Unified Look: Aesthetic harmony will be created by matching the color, shape, and design of the pieces.
  • Efficiency: Shopping for furniture sets is more efficient than finding individual pieces.
  • Cost: Furniture sets often cost less than when items are purchased separately.

Pros of Mismatching Coffee and End Tables

By mixing and matching pieces, a unique and interesting design can be achieved. Novel combinations of furniture can add personality to space. Here are some other potential benefits of choosing different end tables and coffee table:

  • Personalization: Matching sets can be a little too “cookie cutter” for some, mismatching pieces can express individual design taste.
  • Creativity: Can add fun and creative flair when the pieces are carefully selected to complement each other.
  • Flexibility: More selection freedom when not restricted to matching sets.

In the end, the right choice is ultimately up to the homeowner and depends on the size and style of the room, as well as individual design preferences. Both matching end and coffee tables and mismatched pieces can be great ways to furnish a living room. If a homeowner is unsure of which way to go, experimenting with different combinations is a great way to come to a decision.

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