should coffee table match console

Should Coffee Table Match Console

When it comes to interior design and choosing furniture to fit your living space, one thing to consider is whether or not your coffee table should match your console table. There is no hard and fast rule, however here are a few tips to keep in mind when making that decision.

Match Materials

One of the simplest ways to determine if your coffee table and console table should be a match is to determine if they have the same material. If they are both made of wood, or if they are both made of metal and glass, they may look better when they are a matching set. However, it is not a must, as other materials may also look great as complementary pieces.

Create a Balance

Another way to determine if your coffee table should match your console table is to create a balance between the two pieces. If your console table is a dark wood, you may want to look for a light wood coffee table to create a contrast and to keep the two pieces from appearing too “heavy” in the same space.

Make a Statement

If you prefer more eclectic pieces in your home, you may wish to consider a coffee table which makes a statement and is different from the console table. Make sure that the two pieces work together, however, or it could become overwhelming and detract from the rest of your interior design.

What To Consider:

  • Style: Consider the style of the room. If you have an eclectic living space, mix and match pieces may be more suitable than matching sets.
  • Materials: Look for pieces in the same material to ensure a cohesive look.
  • Balance: A good rule of thumb is to create a balance between the two pieces. If one is dark wood, the other should be light wood to create a contrast.

At the end of the day, the decision is yours. Whether you choose to match your coffee table to your console table or mix and match both pieces, make sure that you consider the style and materials of both pieces as well as the balance between them.

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