should coffee table match console

Styling Your Living Room – Should Coffee Table Match Console?

When designing your living room, the coffee table is an important element. It should match the console and the other pieces to create a cohesive look. But should the coffee table match the console, or is mixing it up a better choice?

Benefits of Matching the Console

  • It looks more intentional: Having the same color and finish throughout the pieces in the room draws more attention and looks more intentional.
  • It creates a unified style: Having one continuous style creates cohesion and enhances the overall look of the room.

Benefits of Mixing It Up

  • It adds visual interest: Adding a different finish or color to the coffee table can add some visual interest to the room.
  • It allows for individual style: Most people have different styles, and adding a contrasting piece can express this conveniently.

In the end, it all depends on personal preference and whether you want a unified look or something more eclectic. Either way, the coffee table should be in proportion with the other pieces in the room.

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