should coffee table color match end table color

Should Coffee Table Color Match End Table Color?

Coffee tables and end tables are important pieces of furniture when it comes to creating a stylish and unified living room. The question of whether the two should match is one that requires careful consideration.

Reasons to Match

Matching coffee and end tables can offer a range of stylish looks and benefits:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Matching end and coffee tables offer a consistent aesthetic presence in the room, which can create a polished and upscale look.
  • Consistent Widths: Matching tables often have similar widths, so there’s no jarring design discrepancy when looking at them side by side.
  • More Open Space: One of the main functions of a living room is to provide an open and comfortable space for relaxing and socializing. Matching furniture can help to keep the floor space unobstructed, creating a more inviting atmosphere.

Reasons to Not Match

Mismatched coffee and end tables can offer a range of options as well:

  • Contrasting Colors: For those who prefer a bold aesthetic, mismatched tables offer a good opportunity to add contrast with bold colors or decorative patterns.
  • Variety: People who want to add a variety of style elements to their living room can use end tables with different shapes and sizes to give the outfit more visual interest.
  • Uniqueness:Stylish decor items often come with a significant price tag. Mismatched tables can bring different price ranges and styles, giving savvy decorators the opportunity to unlock great deals while also creating a visually stunning design.

Ultimately, whether it’s best to match or mismatch coffee and end tables will depend on individual preferences and tastes. Find the size and style that works best for you and your living room, and you should enjoy the results.

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