should coffee table and sofa table match

Should Coffee Table and Sofa Table Match?

When deciding on furniture for your living room, selecting a matching coffee table and sofa table is a popular approach. These two pieces can work together to provide a sense of decorating continuity throughout the space. However, matching these tables isn’t always necessary – there’s no hard and fast rule as to whether they should match. Here are some things to consider before deciding:

Size Matters

The first factor to consider is size. If your sofa table is significantly larger than your coffee table, it may look out of balance in the room. Consider whether proportion is more important than matching furniture styles in your particular room design.

Matching Furniture or Contrasts?

If the coffee table and sofa table match, they can provide a unified appearance for the living room. Alternatively, if you choose two pieces with different styles and colors, you can create visual interest by utilizing contrasting colors or textures.

Highlight Your Focal Point

No matter which way you go, keep your room’s focal point in mind. If you’re creating a room around an existing piece of furniture, adjust your colors and design elements to emphasize this piece. This is particularly relevant if your furniture features a bold fabric pattern or an unusual shape.

Accessorize Your Living Room

Creating the perfect living space often involves more than just furniture. Consider adding lamps, artwork, and decorations to add dimension to your living room and highlight the coffee table and sofa table, whether they match or not.

Whether you opt for furniture in the same style and fabric or decide to mix it up with contrasting colors, it’s important to make sure that everything comes together. Don’t be afraid to explore different options until you find the combination that fits your space perfectly.

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