should coffee table and media console match

Should Coffee Table and Media Console Match?

When furnishing your home with a media console and coffee table there are many decisions to make. Homeowners want their living space to look modern, stylish and inviting. One of the many questions faced by homeowners is whether their media console and coffee table should match.

Pros of Matching Furniture

  • Unified Style: Matching furniture gives the room a unified style and a coordinated look. The same vibe and cohesive flow will be created throughout the living room or media space.
  • Simple Decorating: When you opt for matching furniture, you make it easier for yourself when it comes to decorating. Matching pieces make the task of accessorizing simpler and faster.

Cons of Matching Furniture

  • Too Matchy-Matchy: For some, matching furniture can be a bit too matchy-matchy. It might appear as if you’re trying too hard to make everything go together.
  • Rigid Design: With matching furniture, you’re somewhat limited. Mismatching may offer more freedom with accent pieces, textures and shapes.

Tips for Mixing Furniture pieces

  • Play with Color: You can still achieve a unified look if you match the color palette of the furniture items. You can also add a pop of color with cushions and other items.
  • Mix up the Styles: If you’re trying to avoid a monotonous look in your room, opt for furniture items from different design styles. You can easily find pieces in different styles but with the same color and general feeling.

In conclusion, matching your coffee table and media console is not mandatory, but it can help create an elegant and unified living space. Alternatively, mismatching pieces can also create a unique and eclectic design that reflects your personal style.

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