must have fashion coffee table books

Must have Fashion Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books add character, style and flair to any living space. For those passionate about fashion, there are many coffee table books that make a strong statement. Here are five of the must have fashion coffee table books that no fashionista should be without.

1. The Art of Shoes

This book is a surefire way to add style to any home. It is a collection of images collected across the world. The photographs are taken of traditional, exquisite and unique footwear designs by international designers. It is mix of culture and style that can be enjoyed by all.

2. Refined Fashion: From Couture to Prêt-à-Porter

This amazing publication is an homage to the diva looks of the 50’s alongside a collection of pictures from the world’s greatest fashion shows. It is a beautiful book that is filled with a wide selection of looks from the world of fashion. It takes a reader through the evolution of fashion, allowing the reader to dive deep into the designer’s work and the fashion industry.

3. The Little Dictionary of Fashion

The Little Dictionary of Fashion is a classic book most commonly associated with fashion. Written by Christian Dior, one of the most iconic couturiers in fashion history, this book provides readers with a comprehensive lexicon of fashion terms. It is a great way to find out more about the language and design aesthetics of the fashion world.

4. Dior: The Art of Color

This is one for all color enthusiasts. This book is a collection of beautiful photographs that document the colors of Dior’s wardrobe throughout the decades. Dior has long been known for its dedication to color and this book is an amazing way to get to know the colors that dominate the fashion world.

5. The Show Must Go On

This book celebrates the art and architecture of fashion shows. It covers the history of the fashion show, the people behind it and various moments throughout the years. It is a fantastic book for anyone passionate about the art of fashion and how it has developed over the years.

Final Thoughts

These five fashion coffee table books make a great addition to any fashionista’s home. They provide an amazing opportunity to learn more about fashion and to add some stylish flair to any living space. Whether you are an old fashion expert or a beginner, these books are sure to provide an interesting and enjoyable read.

Happy reading!

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