must have coffee table books

Must Have Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are ornamental books that are usually used as statements pieces and conversation starters in the living room. Whether you’re after a bit of armchair escapism or knowledge, they’re a great way to fill empty spaces and have the added bonus of being an interior decorating tool.

1. The Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman

Nothing instills style and culture into a room like The Photographer’s Eye. This book is definitely a must if you want to elevate any space. It teaches the fundamentals of composition for anyone looking to hone their skills. The book covers the basics of image making and offers stunning visual examples.

2. The New York Times: 36 Hours

If you’re looking for the best places to explore, 36 Hours from The New York Times is a must-have. This book sorts through more than 950 of the best cities from around the world and compiles them into one great list. Featuring unforgettable experiences rich with culture and art, 36 Hours will give you plenty of ideas of unknown destinations to explore.

3. The Kinfolk Table

For all the food lovers out there, The Kinfolk Table is a must-have book. Featuring delicious recipes interspersed with stunning photography, this book will instantly add style gravitas to your room. You’ll be privy to all the secrets of creating Instagram-worthy dishes and expanding your pallet.

4. Japanesque: The Japanese Print

If you’re looking to add a bit of Japanese culture to your living, Japanesque: The Japanese Print is the perfect choice. A delightful journey through classic Japanese art and culture, you’ll be able to explore exotic places off screen. This book also comes complete with prints and postcards, so you can easily show off your new found knowledge.

5. The Little Book of Color

The Little Book of Color is the ultimate guide for all of your color-related questions. This book is the perfect choice if you’re looking to understand how color works. Featuring top tips and tricks on how to create with color, this book is perfect for anyone looking to express their personality through their living space.

Adding coffee table books to your living space is a great way to inject both style and knowledge into the room. They also make great conversation starters, so why not grab a couple of these must-have books now?

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