is your coffee table an end tables supost to match

Do Your Coffee Table and End Table Need to Match?

When considering whether or not to match your coffee table and end table, it of course comes down to personal preference. Some people like the matched look, while others prefer the eclectic look. Here are some things to consider when making this decision:


  • Matching tables can create a cohesive, pulled-together look.
  • Having mismatched tables can add a bit of flair and personality to the room.


One consideration when deciding between matched tables or mismatched is the size of the two. If they are both the same size, then they will more likely work as a set whether they are matched or not.


Colour also plays a role in whether or not to match the coffee table and end table. If their colours are similar, then having them match will help bring continuity to the space. On the other hand, if their colours are quite different, then having them mismatched can still work by adding contrast.


If affordability is a concern, then mismatched tables might be the best option as it allows you to purchase from different places or even thrift shops.


At the end of the day, whether or not to match your coffee table and end table depends on personal preference, the size and colour of the tables and affordability. We hope this article helped you in deciding what is right for your space!

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