is there lead in glass coffee pots

The Dangers of Lead in Glass Coffee Pots

Many coffee pot manufacturers insist glass and ceramic models are produced without the presence of lead. However, there is still the possibility of lead showing up in unexpected places.

Where Lead Can Lurk in Coffee Pots

  • As long as lead-containing materials like brass fixtures and soldered metal parts are present, lead can leach out of them and into the coffee.
  • Lead may also be used in any varnish or paint applied to the surface of the pot.
  • Coffee pots labeled as “lead-free” may contain small amounts of lead, since there is no requirement that the manufacturer prove that the pots are truly lead-free.

Testing for Lead Content

If you’re concerned about potential lead contamination in your glass or ceramic coffee pot, you can purchase lead testing kits online or at home stores. Show the results to your doctor if you suspect you’re consuming lead from your coffee pot.

Lead Contamination Solutions

The best way to prevent lead contamination is to use a stainless steel pot. Don’t forget to check the interior surface of stainless steel pots, as some of them may still contain lead-containing brass or soldered components.

Glass and ceramic pots may contain lead, so use caution if invest in one and make sure it is certified lead-free. Lastly, if you feel like your glass or ceramic pot is contaminated, do not consume the or any drinks brewed in it.

Lead is especially hazardous, and consuming it may cause long term ill-effects. Do your research, and make sure your pot is safe before brewing.

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