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Kramer’s Coffee Table Book – Is It Real?

Kramer’s coffee table book from the hit tv show Seinfeld has become an iconic part of the show’s lore. Fans have long wondered, though – is the book real?

What the Reddit Community Says

Reddit users often ask whether Kramer’s book is real. The overwhelming consensus is that it is not a physical book, but rather a fictional one used as a plot device in the show.

What Does Seinfeld Say?

The official Seinfeld page on Twitter has never confirmed or denied whether the book is real. Seinfeld fans have long accepted the theory that Kramer’s book was just a device used to further the plot in the show, but many continue to hold onto the hope that the book could be real.

What Other Evidence Supports the Theory?

Perhaps the most convincing evidence that Kramer’s book does not exist in physical form comes from the episode in which Kramer and Jerry try to get the book published. At the end of the episode, we learn that the publishing house rejected the book, furthering the notion that it was a fictional work.

Furthermore, there is no listing or evidence of the book on Amazon or other booksellers. Given the popularity of Seinfeld and the enduring interest in the show, it is likely that if the book was real we would have seen it listed somewhere by now.


In the end, it seems that Kramer’s coffee table book does not exist in physical form, but rather it is an invention used as a device to further the show’s plots. While the idea of an actual book is charming, it seems the only thing we can do is to enjoy it as part of the Seinfeld series.

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