is it ok to put legs on coffee table

Is It OK to Put Legs on Coffee Table?

You’ve probably seen many Instagram photos or design inspiration websites with coffee tables with legs. Many people are wondering if the trend of adding legs on the coffee table is a good idea or not. Here, we will explore all the reasons and provide answers to this dilemma.

Reasons to Put Legs on Coffee Table:

  • Increased Stability – By adding legs, your table is less likely to wobble and be less stable. This is important for many activities, such as eating and playing games, which necessitate a steady table.
  • Easy to Clean – Having a table with legs make it much easier to clean, since you can easily get to all corners with the mop and dust cloth since the gaps between the table and the legs are wider.
  • Makes a Room Look Taller – Putting some legs on the coffee table gives an illusion of the room being taller. This can be especially beneficial in more compact rooms.

Reasons Not to Put Legs on Coffee Table:

  • More Expensive – It will definitely cost more to buy legs for your coffee table and to make sure that they are fitted properly.
  • More Difficult to Move – Legs on coffee tables make it heavier and more difficult to move. This could pose a problem if you frequently rearrange your furniture or if you’ll have to move the table from one place to another frequently.
  • Looks Less Natural – If the room follows a more natural look, having a coffee table with legs can make it stand out too much. The legs can almost look like an additional decorative detail that can distract from the rest of the room.

Overall, to put legs on the coffee table is entirely up to your personal preference. It all depends on the overall look that you are trying to achieve and the various practical benefits. If you’re not keen on investing extra money, having legs on your coffee table isn’t a requirement.

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