is it ok to match side table with coffee table

Matching Side Table and Coffee Table: Is it OK?

More and more people are asking the question: should I match my side table and coffee table or not? As modern decoration styles tend to take on a minimalist look, having the same type of table for both the side and coffee can make the living room look polished, neat and modern.

The Pros of Matching Tables

When it comes to matching side and coffee tables, there are many advantages involved. Here are the main advantages of matching your side and coffee tables:

  • Makes Your Living Room Look Elegant – When done correctly, having matching side and coffee tables can make your living room look sleek, modern and polished.
  • Keeps Things Inviting – When there is no visual contrast in the living room, it invites people to hang around and relax. With a consistent look throughout the room, the atmosphere becomes cozier.
  • Easy to Keep Organized – With matching side and coffee tables, it becomes easier to keep the room organized. Having the same type of table for both can make it easier to group items together and declutter your living room.

The Cons of Matching Tables

Like everything else in life, there also some drawbacks to matching side tables and coffee tables. Here are the main disadvantages:

  • Lack of Variety – When the same type of table is used for both, you will miss out of the opportunity to play around with two different types of styling. This might not be an issue if you are going for a minimalist, modern look.
  • Limited Room for Display – With only one type of table in the room, you may feel limited when it comes to displaying items. With a different type of side and coffee table, you could use the second one to put on items for show or for practical purposes.

Final Thought

Whether it is the right decision or not for you to match your side table and coffee table, that boils down to personal preference. If you love minimalistic design, having matching tables can provide a consistent and elegant look to your living room, but if you want more freedom to showcase items and play around with styles, maybe two different types of tables are a better choice.

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