is it ok to have coffee table higher than sofa

Is it Okay to Have the Coffee Table Higher than the Sofa?

When designing your living room and choosing furniture, you want it to look balanced and attractive. One dilemma that you may come across in the design process is whether or not it is okay to have the coffee table higher than the sofa. Here is a guide to help you figure out if having a higher table is the right choice for you.

Design Considerations

When you’re thinking of design ideas for your living room, there are several furniture placements that you should consider when considering height.

  • Visual Balance– You want the furniture heights in your living room to be visually balanced. When the coffee table is higher than the furniture, it creates a more balanced look the height of everything is the same.
  • Flexibility– Having the same height furniture makes your living room more flexible. If you need to use the coffee table as a footrest, it will be easy to access since it is the same height as the rest of the furniture.
  • Feel of the Room– The overall look and feel of the room can be impacted by the furniture height. A higher coffee table can create a more modern look in the room and help to create a dynamic flow.


Along with the design considerations, it is important to consider the function of the items in the room.

  • Aesthetics– If the space is only used for decoration, then the table height isn’t as important. You will only need to think about the look of the room and how the different furniture items look next to each other.
  • Usage– If you plan on using the table for practical purposes, then you will need to think about the functionality. If the table is going to be used for drinks, snacks, or anything else, it may be best to have it at a lower height so that it is comfortable to reach for items.


When deciding whether it is okay to have the coffee table higher than the sofa, you will need to consider the design and function of the items. As long as the look of the room is balanced, a higher table can be a nice addition. It also makes the room more flexible and can create a dynamic feel to the room. However, if practical usage is the priority, then it is probably best to go with a lower table so that you can access items easily.

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