is glass coffee table heat resistant

Are Glass Coffee Tables Heat Resistant?

Glass coffee tables are becoming increasingly popular in homes. They are elegant, stylish and functional pieces of furniture that can easily add to the look of any room. But with the heat wood and metal frequently encounter in the home from coffee makers, curling irons and other heat sources, can glass coffee tables withstand the temperature? Let’s take a closer look.

Benefits of a Glass Tabletop

The glass itself does not necessarily burn. In fact, when it is clean and unscratched, the glass can support much higher heat levels than other materials. This, plus its transparency, gives the glass table the distinct advantage of reflecting heat and light rather than absorbing it. For example, where a wooden table would start to burn under the heat of a hot cup, a glass tabletop is unlikely to absorb any of the heat, making it more resistant.

Glass Tabletop Limitations

While a glass table is more forgiving of high temperature items, it’s still not a good idea to place hot surfaces on glass. In fact, a glass tabletop can shatter if an object is placed on it while it is heated. But since it takes a great deal of heat to break the surface, it is unlikely a regular hot cup or other heat source would do any damage.

Besides this, you also have to look out for scratches and chips on the glass. If the glass is not properly maintained, these scratches can weaken it and make it much more prone to damage from heat or temperature extremes.

Heat Resistant Tips for Glass Coffee Tables

  • Use a Heat-Resistant Pad– To increase the safety of your glass coffee table, use a heat-resistant pad or mat underneath a hot item. This will protect the glass top from direct contact with the heat source.
  • Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes– Heat is not the only potential cause of problems for your glass-top table. Sudden and drastic changes in temperatures can also cause the glass to shatter, so avoid placing a hot object suddenly on a glass tabletop, or vice versa.
  • Regular Maintenance– Finally, to ensure that your glass table remains heat resistant, give it regular maintenance. Clean, dry and inspect it for any scratches or chips that could weaken the glass and make it vulnerable to heat.

In conclusion, glass coffee tables can withstand the heat in most cases, but cannot guarantee total heat resistance unless proper precautions and maintenance are taken. If you want to add a glass coffee table to your home, make sure to follow the above tips to ensure it will remain safe and heat resistant.

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