is glass coffee table heat resistant

Is Glass Coffee Table Heat Resistant?

Having a glass coffee table adds a unique and luxurious aesthetic to any living room or office. But, the glass itself can’t protect you from getting burned in case of an accident. To ensure that your guests are safe, it is important to know whether your glass coffee table is heat resistant.

Understanding the Material

Before you can know whether your glass coffee table is heat resistant, it is important to know what type of glass is being used. The three types of glass used to make tables are regular float glass, tempered float glass, and laminated float glass.

Regular Float Glass

Regular float glass is the most common type used to make glass coffee tables. This glass is not designed to withstand any more heat than other glass products. Regular float glass can easily be damaged when in contact with any kind of heat source.

Tempered Float Glass

Tempered float glass is a type of glass that is designed to be much stronger and heat resistant than regular float glass. This type of glass is made by heating regular float glass and then quickly cooling it. This process makes the glass much stronger and more resistant to heat and other impacts.

Laminated Float Glass

Laminated float glass is a type of glass that has two layers of glass bonded together with a special interlayer. This glass is designed to be more durable and heat resistant than either regular float glass or tempered float glass.

Are Glass Coffee Tables Heat Resistant?

It is important to know which type of glass is used to make your glass coffee table before you can ascertain its heat resistance. If your coffee table is made of regular float or tempered float glass, then you know that it is not heat resistant. But, if your glass coffee table is made out of laminated float glass, then it is much more likely to be heat resistant.


Glass coffee tables have a unique look and can add elegance to any room. But, it is important to understand the type of glass used when making the table in order to determine its heat resistance. Regular float and tempered float glass are not very heat resistant, while laminated float glass is much more resistant to heat.

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