is a coffee table the same as a console table

What is the Difference Between a Coffee Table and a Console Table?

Contrasting a coffee table with a console table can help you make better furniture choices when designing a room. Both serve important functions, with appropriate placement occurring in different spots in your home. Although similar, coffee and console tables have varied styles and designs, which can make choosing the right piece confusing. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between a coffee table and a console table.

Coffee Tables

Typically square or rectangular, coffee tables are lower than standard tables, but higher than other furniture in an area. This enables easy access from seated positions. Coffee tables are usually a simple design, which makes them well-connected to other furniture and designs in the room. Some popular materials for coffee tables are metal and glass.

Console Tables

Console tables aren’t designed for a sofa and chairs setup, but for wider, longer areas such as entryways and hallways. Typically thinner than a coffee table, console tables normally have a narrow design. Used for decorations, art, media storage and storage of small items, placing one console table in an area is often done instead of several pieces of furniture. Longer sizes of console tables work well in large dining rooms, while if the area is small, a narrow and skinny console works great.

Key Differences:

  • Placement: Coffee tables are placed in front of sofas or chairs, while console tables are located in hallways and entryways.
  • Shape: Coffee tables are usually square or rectangular, while console tables often have a rectangular shape.
  • Height: Coffee tables are lower but higher than other furniture, while console tables are relatively thinner.
  • Function: Coffee tables are used to put drinks and snacks while console tables are used to display art, media storage and storage of small items.

The simple answer is that no, a coffee table is not the same as a console table. Although similar, they have unique designs and styles which offer distinct features to complement the furniture in your home. Placement and function also define a console table and a coffee table differently.

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