is a coffee table called a coffee table

Coffee Tables: Their Name and Use

A coffee table is a staple in the majority of living rooms, but why is it called a coffee table? Surprisingly, its name is not in reference to their use. This article will discuss the different types of coffee tables, their origin, and why they are called what they are.

Types of Coffee Tables

Coffee tables come in all shapes, materials, and designs. They are usually found in the center of the living area in a home, although they can be moved around to fit different layouts. The following are common types of coffee tables:

  • Wood Coffee Tables – These are the most popular type and feature many shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be polished or painted.
  • Glass Coffee Tables – These are great for small areas and feature a modern look.
  • Metal Coffee Tables – These are strong and solid and generally come in square or rectangle designs.
  • Marble Coffee Tables – These are great for larger areas and feature a stylish look with an interesting texture.

History of Coffee Tables

Coffee tables have been a part of homes for centuries. Some believe the first coffee table was in Europe in the late 17th century and were easily moved around. At the time, they were made of strong, expensive materials such as mahogany and were decorated with intricate designs. As time progressed, coffee tables were made from more affordable materials such as pine and were used as both a decorative item and for utilitarian purposes.

Why are Coffee Tables Called Coffee Tables?

Coffee tables, surprisingly, are not named after their use. The name coffee table is derived from the French word “café”, meaning coffee. This is because the original coffee tables were small and placed in front of chairs, similar to the atmosphere in a coffee house.

Today, coffee tables are still in homes all over the world and continue to provide a functional and decorative piece of furniture. To sum up, coffee tables are not named after their use, but after the original atmosphere where they were placed. Although their use may vary, the name coffee table has stuck.

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