is a coffee table a foot rest

The Debate Around Coffee Tables Serving as Foot Rests

Coffee tables are a type of furniture that are common in living rooms, home offices, and other living spaces. They have become staples in home designs and décor as they’re multi-functional and convenient. But what is the opinion on coffee tables serving as foot rests?

Pros of a Coffee Table as a Foot Rest

  • Multi-Functional – Coffee tables offer great flexibility as they serve multiple purposes. They can be used for holding drinks or snacks, magazines or books, and now even as a foot rest. Utilizing coffee tables as such is quite useful where living space is limited.
  • Available in Various Styles – With the variety of materials, colorations, and styles available with coffee tables, they can pair nicely with other design elements in your living space. There is no limit to the look you can achieve with a table that can also serve as a foot rest.

Cons of a Coffee Table as a Foot Rest

  • Breakable – Tables made from glass, for example, are very breakable so using them as a foot rest can be risky. The material used for the coffee table is something to consider when deciding on using it as a foot rest.
  • Lack of Comfort – It’s likely that if using a coffee table for your feet, you’ll still want to be able to lean back. The lack of a comfortable foot rest can make it difficult to properly relax.


It’s up to personal preference whether you use a coffee table as a foot rest. The pros and cons discussed provide an overview of what’s to consider when debating on this decision. For many, a foot rest is desired to truly experience optimal comfort while others are fine with a multi-functional furniture piece. It all comes down to what best fits your style and needs.

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