is a cocktail and coffee table the same thing

Cocktail and Coffee Tables – What is the Difference?

When decorating a living space it is important to incorporate all sorts of tables to provide function and aesthetic. But do you ever find yourself confused between what exactly a cocktail and coffee table is? Although they are both compact and placed in front of a couch or chairs in the living room, the two are actually quite different.

Definition of a Coffee Table

  • Height: Typically lower than the surrounding furniture.
  • Uses: Functional piece of furniture used to display decorations, serve snacks, and place drinks and books.
  • Variations: Oval, rectangular, circular, and square.

Definition of a Cocktail Table

  • Height: Typically higher than the surrounding furniture.
  • Uses: Serving as a surface for snacks and drinks during entertaining. Typically used for decorative displays in between entertaining.
  • Variations: Cocktail tables are made with adjustable legs allowing for varying heights.

In conclusion, the differences between a cocktail and coffee table are quite simple. A coffee table is lower in height and can be used for many functional purposes. A cocktail table is higher and is mostly used for entertaining and decorative purposes. No matter which one you choose to add to your space, your home will be effortlessly stylish.

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