how well do coffee table books sell

How Well Do Coffee Table Books Sell?

Coffee table books can be a great way to showcase the things you love or are passionate about. Whether your interests lie in travel, photography, fashion, or any other topic, coffee table books can be both a useful and decorative way to display collections. But how well do coffee table books actually sell?

Who Buys Coffee Table Books?

People from all different backgrounds buy coffee table books. Coffee table book publishers routinely work to create books that appeal to different lifestyles, interests, and age groups. You are likely to find coffee table books in homes, dorm rooms, offices, and even bookstores.

What Factors Contribute To Their Sale?

The sale of a coffee table book is heavily dependent on the quality of its content. A book should have visually appealing and well-written content that is relevant to the topic.

The book’s size and physical construction also affects its sale. Generally, the larger the size and sturdier the materials of the book, the higher its sale. Quality binding, dust jackets, attractive cover art, and high resolution photography are all factors in how well a book sells.

Why Do People Buy Coffee Table Books?

People like to buy coffee table books because they offer a way to bring personality to their living space. The books can be used to decorate a room, and are often conversation starters among guests. They are also enjoyed for their educational and informational value.

Additional Considerations

Price is also an important factor in coffee table book sale. Many coffee table books are sold in bookstores and online, so the price should reflect competitive market prices. Creating a limited edition, numbered and signed, and/or collector’s edition can also be upsell strategies.


Coffee table books can be a great way to showcase and share interests. They can sell well if the content is well-written and visually appealing and if the cover, binding, and dust jacket are of high quality. Price, size, and physical construction also affect their sale.

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