how toremovea leather inlay from a coffee table

How to Remove a Leather Inlay from a Coffee Table

Leather inlays are a popular detail that can make a piece of furniture stand out. However, when it comes to a coffee table, a leather inlay can sometimes start to look worn out and dirty. If you have a leather inlay on your coffee table that needs an update, one of the easiest solutions is to remove it. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get rid of the leather inlay without damaging the underlying surface.

Step 1: Unscrew the Legs of the Table

  • Gather the necessary tools, including a screwdriver and a flat-head screwdriver.
  • Unscrew the legs of the table, if applicable. Place the screws in a safe spot where you can easily find them again.

Step 2: Use a Heat Gun to Heat the Leather

  • Once the screws are removed, set up a heat gun.
  • Be sure to use proper safety when using the heat gun, including wearing gloves and protective eyewear.
  • Slowly heat up the leather with the heat gun. Keep the nozzle at least 10 cm away from the leather inlay.

Step 3: Pry the Leather Away from the Surface

  • Once the leather has been heated to a temperature that won’t burn your hands, use a flat-head screwdriver to slowly pry away the edges of the leather inlay from the underlying surface.
  • Work slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the underlying surface.
  • Once the edges of the leather inlay have been successfully removed, continue to work your way to the center of the surface to remove the remaining inlay.

Step 4: Clean the Underlying Surface

  • Once the leather inlay has been removed, clean the underlying surface with a soft cloth. Make sure to remove any loose pieces of leather that may have been left behind.
  • If you’re replacing the inlay with a new one, consider using a leather conditioner to protect the underlying surface against any scratching.
  • If applicable, screw the legs back into place.

By following these steps, you can successfully remove a worn out leather inlay from a coffee table without damaging the underlying surface. With a little bit of care, you can easily breathe new life into your coffee table and give it a completely new look.

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