how tomake a resin pour coffee table

How to Make a Resin Pour Coffee Table

Making your own resin pour coffee table can be rewarding and incredibly fun. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, follow the steps outlined in this article to achieve beautiful results!

Materials Needed

  • Table top: Find a glass or wood table top, ideally something with a substantial size
  • Table legs: You can use any kind of table legs for this project, whether metal or wooden
  • clear resin: We recommend using ArtResin epoxy resin for a glossy, chip-proof surface
  • Colored resin: You can use any kind of powdered pigment or liquid dye to color your resin
  • Stir Stick and Mixing Cup: You’ll need a stirring tool and container for mixing the resin
  • Drop Cloth: To protect surfaces and catch any spills


  1. Select your table top and legs. Make sure they fit the space you want to place the table in.
  2. Once you assemble the table base, place a drop cloth over the top and place it in a place that won’t get disturbed.
  3. Measure and mix the clear resin according to the package instructions. Make sure to stir the mixture completely and scrape down the sides to prevent pockets of air.
  4. Pour the mixed resin over the table surface, working to create a thin, even layer. Try to avoid getting bubbles in the mixture.
  5. Add powdered pigment or liquid dye to the resin to create the desired colors. Mix them together, pour onto the table surface, and swirl with a stirring stick.
  6. Let the resin dry, usually around 24 hours. Once fully set, remove the drop cloth and enjoy your beautiful new table!

Creating a resin pour table is a process that can’t be rushed, but with these steps you can build a stunning and unique piece of furniture that will last for years to come!

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