how to write on glass coffee mugs

Instructions for Writing on Glass Coffee Mugs

Whether you are a small business wanting to market your logo, an artist showing off your skills, or an individual who wants to make a unique and personal gift, you can easily write on glass coffee mugs with a few supplies and easy instructions. Here are the steps to help you create your own design.

Gather Supplies

  • Glass coffee mugs – Make sure the mug is painted with permanent paint.
  • Oil-based paint markers – These work best as regular paint can run off with a wash.
  • Rubbing alcohol and cotton balls – This will be used to clean the mug before you write.
  • Cardboard – This will be used to protect the surface you are writing on.

Clean the mug

Use a cotton ball and the rubbing alcohol to clean the glass coffee mug to remove any grease or other contaminants.

Prepare the mug

Place the cardboard inside the mug. This will protect the mug and make sure that the colors are not absorbed by the mug.

Write your design

Using the oil-based paint markers, write your design on the mug. Make sure that all the lines are even and that the paint is thick enough to be seen clearly.

Cure the mug

Once you have finished, place the mug in an oven and set the temperature to 350°F. Leave the mug in the oven for 30 minutes to allow the paint to be permanently set into the mug.

Enjoy your mug

Once the mug has cooled, take it out of the oven and you are ready to enjoy your unique glass coffee mug. Enjoy!

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