how to write on glass coffee mugs

How to Write on Glass Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs make great gifts, but they can be even more special when you personalize them. Writing on a glass coffee mug can be slightly tricky due to the non-porous nature of glass, but thankfully it is possible! Read on for the perfect how-to guide on writing on glass coffee mugs.


To get the job done, you will need the following items:

  • Glass coffee mug
  • A permanent marker (*Note: Make sure the marker is labeled as “permanent” so that your design doesn’t come off in the dishwasher!)
  • Optional: acrylic paint


  • Start by washing the glass mug with soap and water. Make sure it’s free of any oils or residue to ensure the marker and paint sticks.
  • Let the mug air dry or dry with a soft cloth. Do not use a paper towel, as the fibers can scratch the glass mug.
  • Once the mug is fully dry, begin drawing the design of your choice with the permanent marker. A popular way to write on glass is with a calligraphy style.
  • Optional: you can also paint on the glass mug with acrylic paint. Test this on a small area first to make sure the paint will stick. When painting on the mug, use small brush strokes instead of covering large areas.
  • Allow the design to air dry before putting it in the dishwasher. (*Note: Be sure to find out if the permanent marker you used is dishwasher safe).

And there you have it! Now you know how to write on glass coffee mugs and make a special personalized gift for a friend or family member. Happy writing!

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