how to write on glass coffee mugs

Writing on Glass Coffee Mugs

Writing on glass coffee mugs can be a fun way to make unique personalized gifts or display your creative works. Glass mugs are a great canvas for your artistic and creative endeavors, but to make those projects turn out looking their best, there are some important practices and techniques to keep in mind!

Gather Supplies

  • Glass Mug – Choose your favorite style of mug: colored glass, mosaic glass, iridescent glass, etc. There are many varieties of glass mugs to choose from, so pick the one that speaks to you.
  • Oil-Based Paint Pens– Using oil-based paint pens is the best way to ensure your artwork on the mug lasts longer. This type of pen is permanent and won’t chip or fade away.
  • Medical Tape– This tape serves two purposes: it helps protect the area that you do not want the paint pen to touch, and it can be used to carefully trace an outline with a paint pen to guide your artwork.
  • Pencil– Sketch out your artwork on a piece of paper prior to transferring it to the mug. Drawing a pattern or design is essential for this project and pencils can be easily erased and erased if wrong strokes are made.
  • Paper Towel– Paper towels are needed to help clean any smudging or mistakes made when you are painting on a glass mug.


  • Start by washing the mug with soap and keeping it dry.
  • Cover the areas of the mug with medical tape where you don’t want the paint to reach. Make sure to press the tape firmly against the mug.
  • Draw your design on the paper with a pencil and transfer it to the mug.
  • Using the pencil, trace over your design onto the mug. This will make it easier for the paint pen to stay within the lines.


  • Using a stable surface, start painting over your design with the paint pen. Make sure to go over the pencil strokes firmly and with a steady hand.
  • If you make any smudges or mistakes while painting, you can use a paper towel to clean it up.
  • Let the mug dry thoroughly and carefully remove the medical tape. Your design is now complete!

Writing on a glass coffee mug is a great way to make a personal and thoughtful gift. With a little practice, your artwork can look professional and you can have fun while doing it! Follow these steps and create your own personalized mugs today.

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