how to use pyrex glass coffee percolator

How to Use a Pyrex Glass Coffee Percolator

Pyrex glass coffee percolators are both simple and versatile. Percolators are ideal for brewing many cups of fresh, delicious coffee. Whether you are looking for a simple cup of coffee or need to make large batches, the Pyrex glass percolator will be able to get the job done.

Setting Up the Percolator

1. Gather all necessary supplies. You will need a Pyrex glass percolator, a spoon, a pot holder or oven mitt, and your favorite coffee grounds.

2. Fill the percolator with water. Depending on how many cups of coffee you are planning to make, fill the percolator up to the corresponding number of cup-lines. Generally, a cup line is the same as one cup of coffee.

3. Place ground coffee in the filter basket. Implement the percolator’s filter basket on the internal rod. Fill the basket with two Spoon fulls of ground coffee for each cup you are making.

4. Lock the top of your percolator. Make sure the lid is locked into place on the percolator.

Brewing the Coffee

1. Turn the burner on. Place your percolator on the burner. Then turn the heat up to medium heat. As the percolator begins to heat up, you will hear a pulsating sound, indicating that the coffee is brewing.

2. Allow the percolator to brew. Once the sound slows down and stops, the coffee is finished.

3. Remove the percolator from the heat. Once the percolator is off the stove, you will be able to enjoy your fresh and delicious cup of coffee.

Additional Tips

  • Frothing and Steaming Milk – If you are looking to add frothed or steamed milk to your coffee, you can use a Pyrex glass percolator as your power source. Simply set the heat to low and place the steamer in the center of the percolator. You should be able to steam up to four cups of milk in one sitting.
  • Cleaning the Percolator – When you are finished with your percolator, you will want to clean up the coffee grounds and any residue left behind. To do this, fill the percolator with warm, soapy water and allow it to soak. You should be able to clean the percolator with a soft cloth.

Using a Pyrex glass coffee percolator is both easy and convenient. Whether you are looking to make one cup of coffee or multiple cups, the Pyrex glass percolator will be able to meet your needs.

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