how to use chemex glass coffee maker

How to Use a Chemex Glass Coffee Maker

Coffee connoisseurs often turn to Chemex, a classic glass pour-over coffee maker invented in the early 1940s for the perfect cup of joe. Chemex coffee makers are made with a proprietary blend of materials, including non-porous borosilicate glass and specialty filters. Using it can seem intimidating, but the below easy steps outline how to make a perfect cup of Chemex coffee.

What You Need

  • 6 oz. of fine-ground coffee
  • Chemex filter
  • Hot water
  • Timer

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Rinse the Filter: First, take the Chemex filter and rinse it with hot water. This will help open up the filter to eliminate any random paper-y taste that could end up in the cup.
  2. Put in the Ground Coffee: Once the filter is rinsed, add the 6 oz of fine-ground coffee to the filter.
  3. Start the Pour: Start the pour by evenly pouring two and a half times the amount of water as there is ground coffee. This means about 15 oz. of water for a 6 oz. of coffee. Be sure to evenly distribute the water over the coffee.
  4. Pour Again: After about 30 seconds, pour a consistent and steady stream of water until it reaches the halfway point of the coffee maker. Stop pouring and let the coffee bloom for 30-40 seconds.
  5. Continue Pour: After the bloom is complete, continue to pour the rest of the water, in a slow and steady stream, until it reaches the top of the coffee maker.
  6. Wait to Serve: Once the pour in complete, wait for all of the water to pass through the grounds, which will take at least four minutes. After the timer goes off, remove the filter and serve your Chemex coffee!

Making coffee with Chemex takes a few extra steps, but the extra effort is well worth the reward of an exquisite cup of coffee. With the right procedure, you can be sure to make a cup of coffee that will ignite the taste-buds.

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