how to use an old pyrex glass coffee maker

How to use a Pyrex Glass Coffee Maker

Pyrex glass coffee makers are a great way to make a delicious and convenient cup of coffee. But using them can be a bit intimidating for beginners. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be making flavorful coffee in no time!

What You Will Need:

  • A Pyrex glass coffee maker
  • Coffee grounds of your choice
  • Filtered water (preferably)
  • A mug or cup

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • First, fill the Pyrex carafe with filtered water. The amount will vary depending on how much coffee you’re making, but a good rule of thumb is to use one cup of water for every two tablespoons of coffee grounds.
  • Next, add the desired amount of coffee grounds to the water. Make sure to stir them in completely so that the grounds are evenly distributed.
  • Then, place the carafe onto the hot plate. It should fit snugly into the surface so that it doesn’t move around.
  • Turn the hot plate on and allow the coffee to come to a boil. This should take about five minutes. Once the coffee has reached a boil, turn the hot plate off and allow the coffee to steep for three to four minutes.
  • Finally, use the carafe’s Pour-Through spout to pour your coffee directly into a mug or cup. Enjoy!

Tips and Warnings

  • Be sure to use a Pyrex glass coffee maker designed specifically for use on a hot plate. Other varieties may be too delicate and may crack.
  • Always fill the carafe with filtered water for best results. Tap water may contain minerals that alter the taste of the brew.

Using a Pyrex glass coffee maker is an easy and excellent way to make a great cup of coffee. All it takes is a little patience and practice and soon you’ll be an expert!

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