how to use a glass coffee plunger

How to Use a Glass Coffee Plunger

A glass coffee plunger (or French press) is a popular way to make coffee that offers a lot of flexibility. Whether you’re new to coffee-making or a seasoned connoisseur, learning how to use a coffee plunger properly will result in a delicious cup to start your day.

What You’ll Need:

  • Glass coffee plunger
  • Coffee cup
  • Ground coffee
  • Hot (just-boiled) water
  • Tea towel or cloth

Steps to Follow:

  1. Remove the plunger from the pot, grasp the pot’s lid and break the seal by pulling it off.
  2. Add two teaspoons of coffee per cup of water into the pot.
  3. Pour just-boiled water over the grounds and lightly stir.
  4. Replace the plunger in the pot, ensuring the plunger is at the same height as the top of the grounds. Do not push the plunger down.
  5. Allow the mixture to steep for approximately four minutes.
  6. After 4 minutes, gently press the plunger down, making sure you don’t press down too quickly, which can cause over-extraction.
  7. When the plunger is fully pressed down, pour your coffee into your cup, using the tea towel to avoid splashing.
  8. Enjoy your freshly brewed cup of coffee.

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