how to use a glass coffee percolator

Using a Glass Coffee Percolator

Making a great cup of coffee from a glass coffee percolator is a simple yet rewarding way to start your day. Though it may seem complex or intimidating at first, following these simple steps will help you make a cup of coffee that you can truly enjoy.


  • 1 cup of fresh coffee grounds
  • 3 tablespoonfuls of sugar (optional)
  • 3 cups of cold water


  1. Grind the coffee – Start by grinding the coffee beans to a coarse consistency. Making sure that the beans are ground evenly is key to producing an evenly brewed coffee.
  2. Add the grounds – Add the ground coffee to the top of the percolator. Make sure that the grounds are firmly packed and level, so that the water can evenly penetrate.
  3. Place the stem and basket – Place the stem and basket into the top of the pot. This will keep the grounds from entering the coffee as it percolates.
  4. Fill and seal – Fill the pot with cold water and seal the lid tightly. Make sure that the lid is tightly fitted to ensure that the coffee does not escape during the percolation process.
  5. Heat and stir – Heat the pot on low to medium heat and stir the contents occasionally. As the water heats, it will be pushed up the stem and then, as it cools, retreat back down, mixing with and extracting flavor from the grounds.
  6. Enjoy – After 4-6 minutes, depending on the size of the pot, the coffee will be ready. Enjoy the smell of your freshly brewed cup of coffee and savor the delicious taste.

Using a glass coffee percolator is an easy way to make a great cup of coffee every morning. By sticking to the basic steps above, you can make a delicious cup of coffee without much effort. What are you waiting for?

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