how to update a glass top coffee table

How to Update a Glass Top Coffee Table

Glass top coffee tables offer a more modern look to a living room or office. However, after some time, the original glass can become scratched or dull. Fear not! There are a few easy ways to update your existing glass top coffee table, as outlined below.

Get Re-Glass

One easy way to update a glass top coffee table is to get a new piece of glass cut to the same size and shape as the original. You can take measurements of the original glass and order custom glass either online or from your local hardware store.

Replace with Marble

For an even more luxurious look, you can update your glass top coffee table by replacing the glass with a piece of marble. This is a slightly more involved process, as you’ll need to use a drill and a circular saw to do the job properly. However, the results can be stunning!

Paint the Wooden Base

Another option to update a glass top coffee table is to paint the wooden base. If you’d like a bolder look, you can use a bright or daring color. Painting is also a great way to refresh a worn-out or outdated coffee table and make it look new again.


Finally, you can update your coffee table with carefully chosen accessories. Consider incorporating items such as:

  • Books – Place books on the coffee table with colorful covers for a decorative look
  • Decorative Objects – Choose objects such as a vases, trays, and sculptures for an elegant touch
  • Live Greenery – Add a touch of nature with a small pot of greenery, such as a succulent or air plant.

Although you may have had your glass top coffee table for some time, you don’t have to discard it for a newer one! With a few easy updates, you can quickly have a beautiful showpiece for your home.

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